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Apprenticeship training

Apprenticeship training

The Archive of the University of Applied Arts Vienna has been training apprentices in the profession of Archive, Library and Information Assistant (germ. ABI) since 2007. Current trainees are Araya Laimanee and Luisa Chmiel.

This commercial/administrative apprenticeship has a dual structure. Trainees learn foundational theoretical knowledge at the Vocational School for Trade and Travel, and develop practical skills at the respective training institutions, which include academic and public libraries, archives and other information facilities.

The association abiLehre, founded by Nathalie Feitsch and others, provides an interface between vocational school and training institutions. Along with information relevant to the industry and further training opportunities, the website features its own job exchange. eduLehre.com was launched as a second pillar and learning platform, where study materials are provided, e.g. for preparation for the final apprenticeship exam. 

We are a TOP apprenticing company!

The quality seal "TOP Lehrbetrieb" was initiated by the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Labour, the Austrian Federation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Austrian Industry. It certifies companies that train their apprentices in a professional capacity and is valid for four years.

The high level of commitment shown by those entrusted with training enabled the University of Applied Arts Vienna to qualify for this distinction in 2019.

Abbildung Top-Lehrbetrieb Wiener Qualitätssiegel gültig bis 2023