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The University Archive holds records on faculty and students including personnel files, class catalogues, enrollment forms and academic transcripts, as well as administrative files, where these have been preserved. Archival materials, bequests and special collections closely affiliated with the institute are also archived.

  • Records
  • Supplementary documents
  • Collections / Bequests / Documentation
  • Library


  1. Administrative files:
    Inventory: as of initial founding in 1867 (where preserved).
    Contents: records on teaching and administrative operations
  2. Personnel files: (teaching and administration)
    Inventory: as of initial founding as an Arts and Crafts School to the present (after retirement date)
    Contents: personal data and documents concerning faculty
  3. Class catalogues:
    Inventory: as of initial founding as an Arts and Crafts School
    Contents: class rosters, verbal assessments, assignments and workspaces

    Lists of the class catalogues 1868/69 until 1933/34 (edited by Viktoria Gitzl from her thesis on "Genealogien der Klassen")
    Lists of the class catalogues 1934/35 until 2016/17 (edited by Viktoria Gitzl)
  4. Enrollment forms (Inventory):
    as of 1900, Contents: personal data
  5. Graduation certificates:
    Inventory: as of 1890

Supplementary documents

  1. Correspondence
    autographs, diverse documents
  2. Manuscripts, typescripts

Collections / Bequests / Documentation

  1. Photography
    documentation of works, events, graduation shows, portraits, etc.
  2. Printed matter
    posters, invitations, antiquarian books/journals, clippings, etc.
  3. Audiovisual media
    documentation of various media contributions
  4. Estates and collections (examples)
    Schütte-Lihotzky, Margarete, estate/archive
    Schuster, Franz, estate/archive
    Zweybrück, Emmy, archive
    Niedermoser, Otto, archive
    Manthey, Axel, archive
    Nötscher Circle, archive (A. Kolig, F. Wiegele, G. Frankl, S. Isepp, W. Schaukal)
    Trickfilm, Archive (Trickfilmstudio M. Lassnig / L. Ch. Attersee)


The University Archive has an extensive reference library on the artists affiliated with the institution as well as on the most important contextual fields. The inventory consists largely of legal deposit copies of research theses (monographs, exhibitions, Wiener Werkstätte, turn of the century, interwar period, National Socialism, modernism, architecture, stage design, film/photography, ceramics, fashion/textiles, furniture, etc).