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Backyard Economy. Perspectives on Marginalization in Contemporary Art and Economy

FKW Journal Nr. 73 (2024)


FKW //

Zeitschrift für Geschlechterforschung und visuelle Kultur 

Edited by

Stefanie Kitzberger and Jenni Tischer

Texts by

Rose-Anne Gush, Wasana Handapangoda, Stefanie Kitzberger, Magdalena Nieslony, Lucie Pia, Jenni Tischer, Marina Vishmidt

Backyard Economy. Perspectives on Marginalization in Contemporary Art and Economy is part of a teaching collaboration between Jenni Tischer and Stefanie Kitzberger at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. The project took early Marxist-feminist theories and approaches of institutional critique as points of departure for investigating how contemporary artistic practices engage with ongoing processes of the gendered and racialized de-valuation of reproductive labor and the economic conditions of structural invisibility, marginalization and precaritization inside and outside of the cultural field.

The issue no. 73 (2024) of the online journal FKW – Zeitschrift für Geschlechterforschung und visuelle Kultur documents a picture spread of the eponymous 2022 exhibition at University Gallery Heiligenkreuzerhof, and includes four essays and an artist’s edition.



Stefanie Kitzberger & Jenni Tischer
Backyard Economy – Social Reproduction, Precaritization, and Marginalization

Marina Vishmidt
On Conditions

Rose-Anne Gush
Plans of Social Crisis: Melanie Gilligan’s Films Against Capitalism

Wasana Handapangoda
Making boundaries in the politics of household labor: Sri Lankan maids in the Kuwaiti home

Magdalena Nieslony
The Art of Efficiency: KwieKulik’s Reflections on the Economic Dimensions of Their Work

Lucie Pia
Source Materials. Discursive Aspects in Cameron Rowland’s Practice

Jenni Tischer
Circuit of (Re-)Production (dishcloth), 2023

Backyard Economy

Collection Art, Architecture, Design Exhibition University Gallery of the Angewandte

Backyard Economy