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Sonderfall „Angewandte“ : Guided Tour.
Im Fokus – eine Gedenkinitiative

Programmpunkt im Rahmen des Angewandte Festivals 2023

The Guided Tour is part of “Spotlight – a Remembrance Initiative” of the research project “'Sonderfall' Angewandte. The University of Applied Arts under Austrofascism, National Socialism and during the post-war period”. At three stops (Showcase Collection and Archive, VZA 7 / Staircase Fersteltrakt OKP / Heiligenkreuzerhof) it provides an insight into the recent history of the Angewandte, which has been little illuminated to this day.

Wednesday, 28.6.2023, 11.00–12.30 Uhr

Mag.a Dr.in Bernadette Reinhold Sen.Sc. 
AProf Mag.a Sophie Geretsegger

Registration is obligatory [Registration Link TBA]